Application Fee: $200 per student
Student Book Fee( K-8 Grade): $340 per student
Student Activity Fee: $125 per student, or two (2) payments of $62.50 due September 3rd and January 7th.
Student fees cover textbooks, Stanford Achievements Test, Lab Fees, Academic Competition Fees, and other classroom materials essential to the education of the student.
Application fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Schedule

Annual Monthly
K-8th $4800 $480
Tuition Discounts
5% reduction for second child
10% reduction for third child
25% reduction of total tuition for active members of Living Word Fellowship Church
5% reduction if annual tuition is paid in full by July 1st

Tuition Payments

Your first installment payment is due by July 2nd and must be a lump sum of $480.00. Installments begin in August.
10 Monthly installments | $480 beginning July 1 – April 1
18 Bi-weekly installments | $240 beginning August 1 – April 30 (one lump sum of $480 paid in July)
36 weekly payments | $120 beginning August 1 – April 30 (one lump sum of $480 paid in July)

2 Semi-Annual installments – $2400 July 1 and January 1
1 Annual payment | $4560 July 1 (5% discount)
Before and/or after school care 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Application fees, Book fees and Activity fees are non-refundable.

Financial aid is based upon need. The determination of need is established through a standard application process that requires all financial aid applicants to submit specific financial data. To the extent of the school’s resources, we will make every attempt to facilitate admission to the school when financial need has been verified. Financial aid scholarships only cover tuition. All other fees (registration, activity, curriculum, before and after school care) are not included in financial scholarships.