Our curriculum has been proven to build a strong foundation of academic skills that prepare students for higher levels of rigorous learning. There are ongoing evaluative and adaptive procedures that guarantee each child is academically prepared.

cap and gown
LWCA offers an accelerated curriculum that nurtures, educates, develops, and supports all students as they enter and move through the adolescent years. The academic program emphasizes critical thinking, exploration, and the creation of meaningful projects. Students have a variety of experiences in their classes that provide opportunities for collaboration and reflection.

Students learn good study and organizational habits that will help them become successful in competitive high school and college environments. Outside of academics, students can participate in music, art, computer, book publishing, Spanish, Tae Kwon Do, speech, drama and chapel services.

Additionally, LWCA’s curriculum is intended to nurture, educate and develop the whole child for the glory of God. Spiritual truths are taught in daily Bible classes and are woven into the fabric of each discipline in a practical, life-changing way.