Our curriculum has been proven to build a strong foundation of academic skills that prepare students for higher levels of rigorous learning. There are ongoing evaluative and adaptive procedures that guarantee each child is academically prepared.

cap and gown
LWCA offers an accelerated curriculum that nurtures, educates, develops, and supports all students as they enter and move through the adolescent years. The academic program emphasizes critical thinking, exploration, and the creation of meaningful projects. Students have a variety of experiences in their classes that provide opportunities for collaboration and reflection.

Students learn good study and organizational habits that will help them become successful in competitive high school and college environments. Outside of academics, students can participate in music, art, computer, book publishing, Spanish, Tae Kwon Do, speech, drama and chapel services.

Additionally, LWCA’s curriculum is intended to nurture, educate and develop the whole child for the glory of God. Spiritual truths are taught in daily Bible classes and are woven into the fabric of each discipline in a practical, life-changing way.

The elementary grades provide a full range of academic coursework. In the primary grades, priority is given to teaching, reading and arithmetic skills. All of the grades are given formal instruction in Bible, science, mathmatics, social studies, reading, grammar and handwriting. A Beka Book, Inc., Purposeful Design and Bob Jones University Press – all strong, biblically-based curricula – are used in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade.

Additional courses in art, computer, physical education, Spanish and music complete the students’ schedules. Instruction is supplemented by computers in each primary and elementary classroom.

Our primary grades are self-contained. However, 3rd-5th grades are departmentalized. Students begin their day with their homeroom teachers and move as a class for each content area. Students end their day with their homeroom teachers.

LWCa provides a balanced curriculum in which students move through core subjects of English, math, science, social studies, Spanish and Bible. Electives are available, depending on areas of interest or academic goals. In the secondary grades, emphasis is placed on matriculation into colleges and universities.

We endeavor to promote high academic standards and help students gain a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamental processes used in communicating with others. Our primary goal is to teach and encourage the formation of good study habits, how to conduct research, apply the scientific method, develop creative and critical thinking skill, the proper sue of biblical criteria for evaluation and impart knowledge of the world and current affairs in all fields as they relate to God’s plan for man.

Our curriculum design and course format far exceeds the standards set by the state of Texas. Secondary curriculum is primarily Bob Jones University Press, A Beka Book, Incl, Prentice Hall and Purposeful Design.

LWCA also utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum (A.C.E.). This is an individualized, self-paced mastery objective curriculum. All students begin the curriculum based on their diagnostic results. This ensures that academic deficiencies are remediated. The program allows for children to move to the next grade level after completing all coursework and exams. Whether in gifted & talented or special education, your child can experience academic success.